Info Competency List

Virginia CTE Competency Lists
Computer System Technology Competency List

 Students enter the world of computer technology and gain practical experience in assembling a computer system, installing an operating system, troubleshooting computers and peripherals, and using system tools and diagnostic software. They develop skills in computer networking and resource sharing. In addition, students explore the relationships between internal and external computer components. Emphasis is placed on customer service skills and career exploration. Upon successful completion of the course, students may qualify to take the A+ certification exam.


Cyber Security

The need for personal and professional cyber security skills has never been greater. The Cyber Security/Forensics infusion units are comprised of three main pieces: Cyber Security Foundations, Social Engineering and Personal Cyber Security, and Cyber Forensics. All tasks are listed as optional so that instructors may customize the units as they wish.


Graphic Imaging Competency List

Graphic Imaging Technology I introduces students to the graphic communications industry. Students gain an overview of digital file preparation, image capture, color theory, digital file output, press operations, and bindery operations. Students learn to practice workplace safety and develop skills in measurement, mathematical problem solving, interpersonal communication, and the job application process. Graphic Imaging Technology programs may be accredited by GAERF, the accrediting body for the nationally recognized "PrintED" certification program.